Marty Tipton and the Cowboy Way
Los Angeles Interview     
Marty Tipton is about as close as one can get to the American cowboy of
yore this side of the year 2000. And while his cowboy hat and boots, and
even his livelihood as a professional trick roper add to this conception, the
similarities extend beyond the standard cowboy imagery. Tipton has a
larger-​than-​life quality to him, telling stories in his friendly Oklahoma twang
that seem believable enough but also carry with them a sense of the
fantastic that belongs in a dime novel.
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Kid taught 507 people to trick rope in
California. The group gathered
outside the Autry Western Heritage
Museum in Los Angeles to set a the
record for the
Largest Group of  
Trick Ropers Ever to Perform.
Wonda Pratt & Kid
State Capidal
Jan. 15th 2015
Information contact the chamber at (580) 928-3386 or visit them on Facebook..
To finish up 2014 Tipton directed a
country and western hoedown for
the Seneca Niagara Casino
December 15th.  Also performing
was the phenomenal Dunstan
Cowgirl Dancers who trained at the
Janet Dunstan Dance Academy.
Sayer OK
Cole C. Eslyn former CEO,
O.U. Medical Center
Oklahoma Governor
Mary Fallin
Donna Brazile & Marty (Oklahoma Kid)
Marty visited Washington D.C.
Donna is the Vice Chairwoman of the
Democratic National Committee.
She run nine presidential campaigns
for the Democratic party.
George Bush Sr. Awarded Marty (Oklahoma
Kid) the Presidential Metal of Honor for
rescuing children in the Rep. Panama.
Marty was recently invited to spend the 4th
July with the Bush family in Woodward
The Oklahoma Kid and Oklahoma
County Sheriff John Whetsel
Supporting Camp Cavett together.
Friends of The Oklahoma Kid
Gregg W. Steinhafel Chairman
of the Board
George Sr. Jr. Bush Family
Kid helped to raise awareness on
the subject of education along with
Laura Bush. Kid roped Gregg on
stage while speaking at the
Oklahoma City Zoo
  The Oklahoma Kid (Marty Tipton) is a public speaker
and entertainer a
s well as an event director with
relative ties to Will Rogers
on his fathers side. More
than 100 years of family history have prepared him for
his career of entertainment. His father, grandfather and
great-grandfather worked with
Pawnee Bill's Wild West
Show, 101 Ranch Wild West Show, Buffalo Bill Wild
West Show, Tom Mix Circus and even appeared on the
vaudeville s
tage. Tipton grew up in historic Ponca City,
home of the historic
101 Ranch where he trained in the
art of trick roping. Performance genes have trickled
down through the generations and are clearly evident
when you see him speak and perform. Tipton travels
worldwide demonstrating his skills for a wide variety of
venues. He has organized or appeared in everything
from professional Sports events to private parties. In
2014 Tipton traveled from New York to
L.A. Directing
and performing in venues that were televised
nationally even appearing on
ABC Good Morning
. For 2015 Tipton kicked off his year at the
Oklahoma State Capital supporting David and wife
Molly Boren Mentoring Initiative for the Foundation of

I love people and I love our country, the Tipton said. I
like to see things happen in the world that won't
happen by us sitting around.
The Oklahoman News Press Interview
When Marty was in his early grade school years he would walk to his
grandmothers house after school everyday. She would give him a treat and
tell him stories about growing up in the west.  Delia rode in a wagon across
the largest county in Oklahoma called Osage from the Vinita area to meet
her husband Dale to marry. Dale worked in the 101 Ranch Wild West  
Show performing and training horses.  Marty's grandmother also told him
stories about the Pawnee Bill Wild West Shows and her visits with Will.
One of her favorite sorties was about the unveiling of the Pioneer Woman
in 1930. She said Will had everyone rolling with laughter when he
commented about the Pioneer Woman having a girdle on the prairie and
how funny it must have been to have to have laced it up out in the
wilderness. After the unveiling  of the statue Will and Delia had a picnic
together and she recalls him talking to her about the pickled watermelon
that was so popular. Delia received letters from Will over the years from
places he had visited around the world. One of the letters Marty recalls her
reading was about the Mississippi floods. Delia keep the letters at her
bedside in the dresser drawer tied with a ribbon till she passed away.
Oklahoma University
Kid is a supporter of the OU medical center
and he greets the new doctors who serve our
community when they arrive.
For more on O.U. Click HERE...
Hero: A hero is an ordinary
individual and endure in spite
of overwhelming obstacles.
Pioneer Woman
Tipton performed center ring after the second
period at the COX Center in Oklahoma City to a
roaring crowd as he spun  fast loops to some
Rock-n-Country tunes.
This want Tipton's first main stage act. He has performed for many Pro
teams over the years. Just a few months back he was on the base ball
mound for the Red Hawks. He has also been a guest of the NBA and the NFL
Every year  Kid has set aside time to visit schools
and libraries. It is his way to give back to the
community. He has a humorous presentation that
has some trick roping mixed in. Kid uses poster
board pictures to illustrate the story. Whenever
possible he will be giving a beginning trick roping
lesson to the children.
The Oklahoma Kid is a real life
cowboy hero who will be sharing
families heritage.
“It’s not always how fast you run in
life, or how high you climb, but how
you bounce,” is Tipton’s mantra.
When poor health forced him to live
in an oxygen tent for much of his
sixth year of life, he didn’t have
much contact with the outside world,
but he had a trick rope and a cap
gun and those proved to be
ingredients for stardom.
Will Rogers and Delia McSpadden were
cousins. Delia always look forward to
Wills visit to Oklahoma. Delia was the
great grandmother of Marty Tipton.
Marty Tipton (The Oklahoma Kid)
Performing in the
Broadway Production

Will Rogers
Phone: 405-465-0022
The Oklahoma Kid is presenting a program for
the Cherokee Strip Land Run. Storytelling
Programming to fit your need
Marty Tipton the (Oklahoma Kid) is a noted
contributor to the Cherokee Strip Land
Rush publication. His story telling of
historical events has proven to be a huge
hit nationally selling with over one million
books sold. Tipton was asked to give a
detailed story of the event and were
published by Arcadia on August 26th 2006.
The book contains 200 photos on 128
pages and is distributed around the globe
at all major book stores. If you would like
to preview a copy go to or
Barns and Noble Book stores
For more information
call 405-465-0022
Oklahoma Land Run Story  
by Marty Tipton
"It is not always how fast you run or how high you climb but how you bounce.
Don't merely be a spectator. Nothing compares to living life, rather than merely
watching it. Yes, it takes daring and a willingness but its be so worth it - despite
the bumps and scratches and bruises along the way."
The Oklahoma Kid and Kevin Duants mother Wonda are supporters of the
Foundation of Excellence
~ David and Molly Boren Mentoring Initiative. Over
the last 8 years Kid has been attending functions to support education system
in Oklahoma. We have the best bunch of young adults in the world and
cultivating their education is our number one priority. Change starts at home.
and Marty (Kid) are supporters of David
and Molly Boren  Initiative to promoting
K.D. Kevin Durant mother Wonda Pratt
the growth and development mentoring
programs throughout Oklahoma
KD and Mother
Wada Pratt & Tipton
Kevin Daunt
Oklahoma City Thunders
Tipton was the guest
speaker in Washington
along with Donna Brazil
presidential advisor.
The Sayre Chamber of Commerce is holding their annual banquet. They will be having an auction with lots of
great items to bid on. Tipton will be speaking and hosting the event to raise money for the community.
You don't want to miss this. It will be a night to remember!!
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Every year we have a banquet for our CEOs of Canada  the United States and Mexico
and each year we pick a different theme. This year we chose the United States and a
western theme, so we contacted Tipton. His entertainers were skilled and very sociable.
Our guest loved being able to interact with the performers. He was also even able to
deliver an Emmy Award winning musician to perform for us. PT Barnum himself
couldn't of done a better job.  Over the 15 years I have been CEO we have never seen
such a wonderful production. It was exciting and energetic and memorable.  I would
recommend Tipton to anyone who was ever considering having a gathering of any
type. It was simple astonishing.

Mark Harris
Chief Executive Officer
National Lottery Commission
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The Longest Ride Movie Trailer
<<Your Going to love it>>
The story is about a PBR bull and his career and romance.
Washington DC >>>CLICK HERE<<<
‘True Grit’ events aim to unite
Howdy Partner! Stillwater Oklahoma
proves to be one of our greatest states
towns for trick ropers. As you can see
here these buckaroos are really
twisting that loop. Thanks to
Stillwater public library and a special
grant the children you see here were
able to take part on a community
program and learn about wild west
history. Stillwater is presenting
programs for the month of March and
April. For more information go to
Stillwater Public Library web site for
more information on great upcoming
Western programs will be presented through
March 2nd to April 13th. For more information
about Stillwater programs click
Dr. Temple Grandin gave a lecture
and Q&A session in the old stockyards
at the 2015 National Western Stock
Show in Denver. The legendary
professor, animal behavior specialist.
Underdogs steal the show at The American, the world’s richest one-day rodeo.
Reese Riemer won the tie-down roping and earned $600,000 at The American. Photo by Darrell Dodds.
In its second year, The American proved that it continues to be a star-studded rodeo of
opportunity for those not ranked among the sport’s elite. Taylor Price and Reese
Riemer split the $1 million bonus for contestants who qualified for The American and
won one of its seven events. The RFD-TV event, presented by Polaris Ranger, was
held March 1 in Arlington, Texas.

Neither Price, who won the bareback riding, nor Riemer, who captured the tie-down
roping title, were ranked nationally in the top 10 of their respective event. So rather
than receiving an invitation to The American, they each paid a $500 entry fee to
compete and qualify via the American Semi-Finals. After winning their event and also
earning their piece of the $1 million underdog pool, each took home $600,000
Price, of Huntsville, Texas, won the bareback
short go with a score of 89 points. He brought
in $600,000
Wade Sundell won the saddle bronc title with a 90.75 score. Photo by Darrell Dodds.
Lisa Lockhart claimed the championship in barrel racing with a time of 14.726 seconds. Photo by Darrell Dodds.
Sayre Oklahoma
Horse Smart
Kaleb Driggers (left) and Travis Graves won the
team roping. Photo by Ross Hecox.
I work with our community partners to advance the common good.

This includes working with committees to further our education
and making sure the word is getting out there about all the great
things our state has to offer.   
Washington D.C.