Marty Tipton and the Cowboy Way
Los Angeles Interview     
Marty Tipton is about as close as one can get to the
American cowboy of yore this side of the year 2000. And
while his cowboy hat and boots, and even his livelihood as
a professional trick roper add to this conception, the
similarities extend beyond the standard cowboy imagery.
Tipton has a larger-​than-​life quality to him, telling stories in
his friendly Oklahoma twang that seem believable enough
but also carry with them a sense of the fantastic that
belongs in a dime novel.
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Kid taught 507 people to trick rope in
California. The group gathered outside
the Autry Western Heritage Museum in
Los Angeles to set a the record for the
Largest Group of  Trick Ropers Ever to
Sayer OK
Cole C. Eslyn former CEO,
O.U. Medical Center
Oklahoma Governor
Mary Fallin and first man Wade
Tipton has been a guest at the
mansion on occasion in support of
our great state.
George Bush Sr. Awarded Marty (Oklahoma Kid) the
Presidential Metal of Honor for rescuing children
out of the Rep. Panama from child abduction.
Tipton has worked with Laura Bush in support of
education since then.
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Friends of The Oklahoma Kid
More than 120 years of family history has prepared him for his
career of entertainment. Dating back four generations Tipton's
forefathers performed in legendary shows like the Pawnee Bill
and Buffalo Bill Wild West Show, 101 Ranch Wild West Show
and the Tom Mix Circus.
The art of humor and rope spinning runs in the family and in
fact he has
relative ties to the famous trick roper and actor of
the 1930s Will Rogers by way of his great grandmother
Performance genes have trickled down through the
generations and are clearly evident when you see him speak
and perform. In fact Since Will Rogers himself Tipton is the only
cowboy ever known to be able to can crack up an audience
with laughter while spinning a trick rope. Tipton has performed
in everything from professional sports games to the Broadway
productions like the Will Rogers Follies to cooperate
banquets. In 2014 Tipton toured from New York to
L.A. directing
and performing in televised appearances across the nation
ABC Good Morning America and the Travel Networks
Touring America.
Tipton has taken th
e art of trick roping to new extremes like
nothing ever seen before
since Will Rogers himself.
Marty Tipton (The Oklahoma Kid)
Performing in the
Broadway Production
When Marty was in his early grade school years he would walk to his
grandmothers house after school everyday. She would give him a treat
and tell him stories about growing up in the west.  Delia rode in a wagon
across the largest county in Oklahoma called Osage from the Vinita area
to meet her husband Dale. Dale worked in the 101 Ranch Wild West  Show
performing and training horses.  Marty's grandmother also told him
stories about the Pawnee Bill Wild West Shows and her visits with Will
Rogers. One of her favorite sorties was about the unveiling of the
Pioneer Woman in 1930. She said Will had everyone rolling with laughter
when he commented about the Pioneer Woman having a girdle on the
prairie. After the unveiling  of the statue Will and Delia had a picnic
together and she recalls him talking to her about the pickled watermelon
that was so popular. Delia received letters from Will over the years from
places he had visited around the world. One of the letters Marty recalls
her reading was about the Mississippi floods. Delia keep the letters at
Oklahoma University
Tipton is a supporter of the OU
medical center.  He greats each new
Dr. arriving at the medical center
during orientation.. He also Visits
the children who are cancer
patients and transplant patients.
HERE..for more info..
Phone: 405-465-0022
Pioneer Woman
Tipton performed
on Ice center
Ring for the
Barons Hockey
game at the COX
center to a crowd
of 20,000.
As a trick roper and retired professional rodeo competitor I know the
importance of staying physically fit. For the summer of 2016 I will be telling
stories of my heritage and explaining how exercise and practice contributed
to my success. I encourage our youth to become physically active and I do this
through a structured lesson in warming up, stretching and rope spinning.
Little known fact: In Los Angeles a (Trick Roping) Rope Spinning exercise class
is held throughout the year at the YMCA. There is really no trick to trick roping.
It is a skill similar to jump roping. It is acquired physical movement and
dedication to practice.
There is a limited number of days I can attend summer reading programs. For
2016 OLS performance are a special rate of $300 so please email Jennifer your
dates and questions at the address below.
Thank you
or call 405-465-0022

Like Will Rogers, the Kid uses an uplifting saying in his public performances:
"It's not always how fast you run or how high you climb;
it's how high you bounce."
Delia McSpadden always look forward to her
cousin Will Rogers visit to Oklahoma. Delia was
the great grandmother of Marty Tipton.
Cherokee Strip Land Rush
Noted contributor Tipton told historical
stories that were put into print.
Sold over one million copies.
Oklahoma Land Run Story  
told by Marty Tipton
Tipton was the guest speaker in
Washington along with Donna Brazil
Democratic presidential advisor.
Washington DC >>>CLICK HERE<<<
Dallas Tipton (left), Senator J. Berry
Harrison (middle), Marty Tipton (right)
The Oklahoma Kid opened for Big & Rich in
support of the troops at Fort Sill Oklahoma.
A big thanks goes out to Colonel Waters
for making it happen.
Music and laughter rang out at Legends
Dance Hall in Tulsa Oklahoma as Mary
Corgan played her number one country and
western hits along with Tipton spinning his
trick rope for the annual Nordam 2015
Aerospace banquet. Tipton keep the crowd
laughing by bringing the CEO and GMs to
come on stage for a little lesson on trick
Later in the evening Tipton taught line
dancing to an energetic crowd. It was a fun
filled evening with tons of laughs due impart
to the expertise
SRO Productions who
supplied the 5 star catering and
entertainment for evening. or Barns and
Noble Book stores
Marty R. Tipton
Live Entertainer / Director
County Sheriff John Whetsel
Supporting Camp Cavett together.

Tipton has directed or performed in just every type of
venue imaginable including professional sports half time
shows, Broadway productions such as the Will Rogers
Follies.  Tipton toured from New York to
L.A. directing and
performing in televised appearances across the nation
ABC Good Morning America and the Travel
Networks show
Touring America.
Tipton has taken th
e art of trick roping to new extremes
like nothing ever seen before and audiences world wide
are loving it.
Comedian Has Audience
Roaring With Laughter!
Book your summer
library  presentation
Now! Call (405) 465-0022
Each year we pick a different theme. This year we chose the United States and a
western theme, so we contacted Tipton. His entertainers were skilled and very sociable.
Our guest loved being able to interact with the performers. He was also even able to
couldn't of done a better job.  Over the 15 years I have been CEO we have never seen
couldn't of done a better job.  Over the 15 years I have been CEO we have never seen
such a wonderful production. It was exciting and energetic and memorable.  I would
recommend Tipton to anyone who was ever considering having a gathering of any
type. It was simple astonishing.

Mark Harris
Chief Executive Officer
National Lottery Commission
Marty (Kid) & Aunt Edna
Edna Irene Covalt is a third generation professional trick roper in the Tipton Family. Edna
competed in many rodeo events including bronc riding. Edna is known world wide in the
western industry.  Edna was a mentor to Marty traveling and performing with him in hundreds
shows a year.
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Over 300 Performances in One Year.
Tipton and Edna Covalt appeared at several hundred shows for
the Oklahoma Centennial, visiting up three cities a day.

Will Rogers performance by Marty
Roxy Theater
Muskogee Oklahoma
Tipton performed during the
Elk city PRCA Rodeo along
Ronnie Milsap and
George Straights
Ace in the
When Tipton entered the arena Ronnie Milsap said,
"Great to see ya Tipton"
Kelly Ogle of Chanel 9 News OKC and the Oklahoma State FFA members
assisted with Wings Charity Banquet held in Oklahoma city  in June to
raise funding for special needs community.
Wings Mission: to enhance the lives of adults with
developmental disabilities through social, vocational and
residential programs guided by the principles of the Bible.
For more information about
"People... need a time to laugh. I love
people and I love our country, Tipton
said. I like to see things happen in the
world that won't happen by us sitting
around, and the best way to get
started to be happy and laugh. It's
like catching a breath of air."
Marty Tipton
Interview The Oklahoman News Press
Museum has created a new exhibit highlighting the women who organized, managed, and performed in Wild
West shows. These skilled women toured the world in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, influencing
millions with their courage, determination, and independence. The women of the Wild West shows
represented idealized images of the past, but they were also agents of cultural change who challenged the
expectations of what women were capable of doing.
Annie Oakley
Worlds Best Marksman
Annie wanted to eat she had to hunt squirrels and rabbits every day for the
first 16 years of her life. Her shooting skills became so honed she entered a
shooting contest and beat all the men in the competition. She meet her
husband Mr. Butler at the competition and he give her a metal stat to wear on
her hat.  He told Annie "You're going to be a star someday." From that day on
out Annie traveled the world competing and giving exhibitions of her expert
shooting skills. Annie was known to have shot 1000 glass ball targets that were
thrown in the air, never missing a single shot. She could also shoot over her
shoulder only using a mirror to hit her two targets. She eventually joined the
Wild West show circuit to perform and live a happy and successful life with her
husband. Her timely rise to fame allowed her to become one of the first
American women to be a "superstar".
Kids great Grandfather work along side Annie in the Wild West performances.
Today Kid works with the great grand niece of Annie.
Story as told by Marty Tipton
Kelly Ogle Chanel 9 News interviewing
Tipton at Wings Charity Event OKC
Wild West Trick Roping Comedian has a
unique style in Western Entertainment
that leaves the audience in stitches
Dr Hedgethicket Esquier III
Kid has been working along side Dr. Hedgethicket
and his Medicine Man Show for decades
entertaining audiences across the country sending
them rolling in the aisle with laughter.
An evening of fun and
laughter with Cowboy
Comedian the Oklahoma Kid
who was the opening act for
comedian Mark Curry in
Laughter is the best Medicine.
Kid played to sold out
performance at the massage
Albuquerque Convention
Mark Curry is possibly comedy's best kept
secret and undoubtedly one of the funniest
comedians in the world. Curry got his big
break in 1992 as the star of hit television
series Hangin' with Mr. Cooper, and went on
to star in The Drew Carey Show, Martin, and
The Jamie Foxx Show.
Opening act for Laughter is
the Best Medicine!
Marty Tipton  (Kid) served in the
US Army 82nd Airborne and
donated time to supporting the
troops on a regular bases.
The Oklahoma Kid is to appear for the Smithsonian  Institute
in speaking of woman of the Wild West
Marty Tipton also known as The Oklahoma Kid tours the
country performing live stage shows as a humorist and trick
Tipton is no amateur in the Entertainment world. Tipton
has been performing for over 20 years and gaining
international recognition by setting world records and
performing at just about every type v
enue imaginable often
frequenting festivals and private gatherings across the US.
Oklahoma City Children's
Disney hosted Anna, Elsa and
the Oklahoma Kid who appeared  
at Children's to raise spirits.
Tipton has been a working with
the facility for many years
providing trick ropes and smiles.
Recently in Neodesha Kansas at a fund raiser
Tipton attempt
ed to break his own world record in spinning the worlds
largest loop in and comes only few feet short in his attempt i
n video above.
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Line Dancing
Banquets and other gatherings Tipton motivate audiences by giving Line Dancing lessons.
For more Information contact or click CONTACT
Nordam 2015 Aerospace Banquet
NORDAM is the largest privately owned  
Aerospace Company in the world.
Tipton entertains using trick roping and
humor combined, often calling up audience
members to have a laugh in good taste.
Visit the Scrap Books
for photos of past
performances of the
Oklahoma Kid
Shooter Jennings and Kid performed at the 4th July Freedom Festival.
Shotter and Kid became friends in 2009 and have appeared togeather on
several occasions.Shooter was the only child of country singers Waylon
Jennings and Jessi Colter, Jennings signed his first recording contract, with
Universal South Records, in 2005, releasing his debut album Put the "O" Back
in Country that year. This album produced his entry on the Billboard Hot
Country Songs charts in its lead-off single "Fourth of July",
Kid said shooter is one of the nicest people he has ever met. He is a soft
spoken guy with a heart of gold giving more away than he ever keep.
Kid opened on stage for
Shooter Jennings,
son of  Waylon Jennings
at the 4th July Freedom
Waylon Jennings
Shooter and Kid
Spinning Rope in the Pitch Dark
The Kid tells stories of how he trained with a blind fold on as a child. In the
video below Kid performed on stage in the pitch dark
under a black light
Summer OLS Programs Available
Summer Program 2016 Click Here
Mission Statement: The Medical Center Volunteers
provide support and non-clinical care to the patients
and families of OU Medical Center, and endorse our
hospital's mission to value compassion, quality
care, and teamwork.
The Oklahoma Kid will be speaking at  Cattleman's Restaurant in Oklahoma
city in support of OU Medical Center Volunteer program coming April 15th.
If your interested in helping others please visit
OU Medical Center Volunteer Services.
Tell them The Oklahoma Kid sent you.
(405) 271-5500 |
"The Legacy is the result of living out passions with purpose;
dreaming dreams that become reality; and creating events
that touch our hearts and souls."
​Karen Weldin
Check in with Legacy on Main Street Theater for fun and excitement here in the heart of Oklahoma right off
beautiful  Lake Eufaula Shows presented regularly every month throughout the year.
Legacy On Main Street
Eufaula OK
224 N. Main Street, Eufaula OK
The theater is an amazing
accomplishment for Eufaula. It has all
the class and design of a Los Angeles
theater with a sound system to
match. It is located in beautiful city
of Eufaula just a stones trow from
the lake its self. If someone is
wanting to view some beautiful
landscaping on a lake in green country
and have an evening of fun then
visiting the Amazing Legacy Theater
on Main Street in Eufaula is totally
for you.
For more information you may contact
Karen Weldin for more information.

And this coming April 15th I will be speaking in support of the OU Medical Centers Volunteer
Program at the Cattleman's Restaurant in the Oklahoma city Stock Yards. Our volunteers are the
best kind medicine by using their love and compassion to bring faith hope and love to people in dire
circumstances. Over the last eight years I have been blessed to be able to visit children's many
times. I understand some of what they are going through because of my personal experience when
I was a child. My poor health forced me to live in an oxygen tent for the better part of my sixth
year of life. During those times I didn't have much contact with the outside world and one day a
visitor brought me a trick rope and a cap gun which proved to be ingredients for my recovery as
well as my future stardom. There is nothing more satisfying that helping others and only true
happiness comes form the desire to do so.
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Cattleman's has been the meeting place for many professional cowboys over
the years. As a boy I can remember stooping by Cattleman's on my way to the
National Finals Rodeo and it being only second to the rodeo its self.
Nordam Aerospace Annual Banquet
Tulsa Oklahoma
The Oklahoma Kid will be giving Wild West lessons in Trick Roping during the
summer of 2016.

Beginner rope spinning lesson will include preparing for and spinning basics loops to
ing advance tricks. Lesson will include warming up, stretching and spinning an actual
trick rope. Ropes will be supplied for each

Sapulpa Library Thu, Jun 2, 3:00 PM
Ponca City
Library Tues, June 7,  1:00 PM
Perkins Public Library Wed, Jun 8, 10:00 AM
Coalgate Public Library Tue, Jun 14, 2:00 PM
Enid Public Library Thu, Jun 16 2:00 PM
Shattuck Public Library Wed. June, 22 -10:30am
Moorland Public Library Wed. June 22 - 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Valliant Public Library Thu. June 23 - 1:00 pm
Hugo Public Library Thu, Jun 23, 10:00 AM
Ardmore Oklahoma Public Library  10:30am and 1:30pm Fri, Jul 1
Bartlesville Public Library Mon, Jul 11, 2:00 PM
Public Library Wed, Jul 13, 2:00 PM
Public Library Thu, Jul 21, 11:00 AM
Tonkawa Public Library Wed, Jul 27, 2:00 PM

All Library locations and times may not be listed yet so you may contact your local library for more information on a
program near you.

Beginner trick ropes will be available for students for each session and may be taken home for a donation of $6.00
Rope proceeds go toward less fortunate Children's charity program.
We generally give away more ropes than we get donations for but we are thankful for any assistance to reach more children who
are not able to attend due to less fortunate circumstances.

Previous students and advanced trick ropers and are invited to attend and get assistance for furthering their rope
pinning skills.
Advanced Professional Trick Ropes may be purchased for those desiring to continue practicing the art of rope spinning.
Professional Spinning ropes by 4-T by Saddle Co.

Professional Trick Ropes are a special 3/8" woven cotton spot cord that has been treated and stretched for up to 30
days to provide the superb loop. These specially designed ropes have a patented design and a core center that allows
the rope to twist naturally and un-wind in the palm of your hand. Every roper is manufactured to have a consistent weight
its entire length to distributes weight evenly throughout the rope to provide the perfect feel for a steady smooth spin for
small or large loops. Every rope is inspected and tested.
2016 4-T Saddle Co. Professional Trick rope are available for order for summer 2016.
For more information on Trick Roping Lessons or 4-T Ropes email
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