101 Ranch
This a picture of the 101 Ranch Game Room as Kid seen it when he was a
small child before it burnt to the ground. Mr.  Zack Miller Jr. was
friends with Kids father Raymond Tipton who owned the Salt Fork
Saddle Shop in Tonkawa Oklahoma. Mr. Miller would stop by occasionally
and visit with Raymond. One particular time Mr. Miller was going on a
safari in Aferica and was having his rifle boot stitched up for the trip.
The Kid recalls asking Zack Jr. to bring him back an Elephant from his
sufarie. Several months later he received a package from Mr. Zack
Miller Jr. Inside it was part of an elephant hide. Kid used the ear to
make a billfold and entered it in the Kay county fair in Newkirk
Oklahoma.  Martys father did many jobs for Mr. Miller over the years
and they became very close friends. Martys first grade from Lutheran
school in Ponca City OK was the only group to ever tour the game room