Severs Centennial Gala  
100 year Anniversary Bank of Oklahoma
Gala Sponsored by
100 Years of History, Anniversary Bank of Oklahoma

The Severs Building or Bank of Oklahoma held its 100 year
anniversary. There were actors performing from the early 1900s
who banked there. Some of those people were very famous
during that time and even until today, some of them were
Eleanor Roosevelt, George Smith, Babe Ruth, Alice Robertson,
Jim Thorp, Tams Bixby, Frederick Severs Lawrence C.
McAlister, Sara Bernhardt Philip Sousa, Ernestine
Schumann-Heink and of course Me playing the part of Will
Rogers. We all spoke a part in the calibration. Marty Tipton, The
Oklahoma Kid performed as Will Rogers. He quoted many of
will's sayings and jokes while performing some pretty fancy
Rope Tricks like the Texas Skip right in the lobby of the Severs
Building. It was fun and very professional. The crowd laughed
and cheered loudly because of all Jokes, Quotes and Trick
Roping performed. It was an outstanding cast and Kid pulled off
every trick without a hitch and the crowd was very pleased and
everyone wanted an autograph at the end. We had several
sponsors, The Oklahoma Arts Council Played a big part Special
thanks to Jim Eaton President of Bank of Oklahoma.