Washington DC Performance
The Oklahoma Kid
Washington D.C.
Washington is full
of people making
decisions for the
rest of the country
with out ever
leaving the city
Marty (The Oklahoma Kid)
Donna is the Vice Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee
in Washington D.C.
She was the first African American to direct a major presidential
campaign, acting as campaign manager for Al Gore in 2000. She also
served as an advisor for Bill Clinton's campaign for the presidency in
1992 and for re-election in 1996.
Brazile is a weekly contributor and political commentator on CNN's The
Situation Room and American Morning and in CNN's Election
Coverage. In addition, she is a contributing writer for Ms. Magazine and
was a columnist for Roll Call. Brazile is also founder and managing
director of Brazile and Associates and a contributor to NPR's Political
Corner and ABC News. In 2004, Simon and Schuster published Cooking
With Grease, Brazile's memoir of her life and work in politics. Brazile
also guest-starred in three episodes of The Good Wife as herself. These
area only a few of her great accomplishments in Washington D.C.
I was truley honored to be able to visit with her. For more about Donna
you may do a search for her name or go to her web site.
WIKIPEDIA or go to donnabrazile.com
Here is a picture that was from his speech 13 minutes ago
while I was in Washington.

God bless our Country and may God be our guide not man.
Omni Shoreham Hotel Washington DC
commented on it during the show it made for allot of
laughs. Everyone wants better roads but no one want
to pay for them.

There was allot going on in Washington so I had no
problem coming with jokes about congress. I was not
shot on words for the city when I arrived. I never see
such a mess.
Julia Roberts shot the movie
Pelican Brief at the
Omni Shoreham Hotel.
Washington DC Botanical Gardens
Tourist who wanted a picture with Kid
Civil War Monument
These Greek looking buildings in Washington is were all the big decisions are made
for our country. This is just one of many buildings built about the same. Buildings
like this are every were are everywhere. Quite allot of money went into building
pilers could be to keep them safe like a fort I figure.  I do admit they are breath
taking and beautiful. Just hope we don't end up like Rome.

"If cement is the cost of freedom then we should have
plenty of it." Oklahoma Kid after visiting Washington D.C.

With easy access to Metro’s red line, the Smithsonian Institution, National Archives, Library of
Congress and Capitol Hill are just a few minutes away.
The Beetles stayed there on the whole 7th floor .

In 1933, the hotel was outfitted with a special ramp and elevator to accommodate the needs of
President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
I recommend staying there because it has n=more history in one spot that all of Washington
wrapped up together. We were very thankful to be a guest in Washington and to have the Opt

Original Property Opened: 1930

Contact Information:
Street Address:
2500 Calvert Street N.W.
Washington, DC 20008

Kid Roped for a crowd and a buss tour at the Washington Capital
Building then, went on to perform for the a Hand Bell Society then
visited Georges Washington's home of were he chopped down the
cherry tree.  Just goes to show you Trick Roping can be incorporated
into about every type of event any where. While there Kid visited with
Donna Brazile the Vice Chairwoman of the Democratic
National Committee
and toured the local markets together.